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1.How do I get a quote?

a.If you are interested in our items and would like a quote, please write to sales@wewindisplay.com or give us a call at +86-150 9999 9791.[Read more]

2.How do I place an order?

a. To place an order, please contact us in one of the following ways: i. Email: sales@wewindisplay.com ii. Skype: wewin-display iii.T el: +86-20-36405885 or +86-20-36405778[Read more]

3.What are your payment terms?

a. Payment terms vary based on the customer. b. We accept wire transfers for all payments.[Read more]

4.What is your average lead time?

a. Products we have in inventory can be shipped on the same day the order is placed. b. General cargo delivery time is 5-7 business days. c. Customized products developed to the customer requirements will vary in lead time, but usually 30-45 days. However, we have flexibility since we have our own factory, and work closely with our customers to ensure you get the product when you need it.[Read more]

5.What is your quality control process?

a. Every product goes through rigorous testing during the development and sampling process. Then during production, our QC inspection team performs routine checks on all products as part of our standard quality management process to ensure quality throughout production. Finally, we allow our customers’ to do their own inspection themselves or through a third party agency.[Read more]

6.Can we print pictures on the displays?

a. Yes, this is what we are really good at. We have two techniques to do this – printing and heat transfer. As our team if you want to learn more, please visit our facility to see our factory in action.[Read more]

7.Can we do OEM processing?

a. Yes, we work with many customers on custom orders. We’ll work with you through the whole process, from initial concept and design, to analyze the technical requirements for the most affordable product.[Read more]

8.How do you ship the goods?

a. Our factory is located in Guangzhou, near all the big ports in Southern China (Yantian, Shekou, Shenzhen, Whampoa). b. DHL, FEDEX, DHL, TNT & other international express delivery services are available in our area for quick delivery.[Read more]

9.What kind of warranty & guarantee do we offer?

a. We offer a lifetime warranty on hardware. We also know that sometimes accessories and components get lost easily, so we offer FREE accessories forever. Just contact us if you’ve lost a piece and we’ll send you a new one! Never hesitate to contact us whenever an issue occurs and we will try our best to assist you.[Read more]

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