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How to choose a right exhibition supplier?
Time:12/10/2013 1:58:33 AM

At the exhibition select, it is necessary to avoid some of the wrong choice ideas and methods. Without regard to their own needs, regardless of market conditions, not fair to do research, choose to work only for the reasons given in isolation, or out of considerations to make a unilateral choice of exhibitions are often wrong. The choice of many common errors, the following special example:
(1) because the invitation to select exhibitions.
Invitation may be issued by the organizers of the exhibition may also be a celebrity, government departments, chambers of commerce, trade associations issued. Most of the invitation of organizers of the exhibition can be ignored. Celebrities, government departments may be able to prove that the invitation exhibition some impact, quality is not bad. But do not consider their own marketing needs and market potential of the decision to accept the invitation to exhibitors is unwise. For businesses, low-level invitations (including the organizers of the exhibition invitation) do not consider high-level invitation will serve as a factor.
(2) because the choice of low-cost exhibition.
Cost of the exhibition is to choose one of the factors, low-input high output has been on display for all traders, including those who are looking for. However, regulation of supply and demand at home and the market economy, low cost, must have its reasons, there may be three major aspects: First, show the location of the market potential may be small, the second is fair exhibit may not be suitable for the needs of those three is the exhibition of quality and efficiency may not be ideal. Therefore, low cost choice for exhibitions are often wrong. Practice has proved that. (But should be stated that government departments or other funding is not in this exhibition range) costs low is important, but more important is cost effective. Can not be considered in isolation but to consider the comprehensive costs. Whether the market has the potential to show whether the need for exhibitors, show whether the effect should be a good choice of the most important factor, low cost, should be placed on meeting an important position.
(3) because the evaluation of the choice of a good show.
Celebrities, government departments, chambers of commerce, news media, may make a show very high evaluation. Because of this and might not be appropriate to make a choice. Note the following issues: This evaluation may be public relations work done by organizers of the exhibition results, the reviewers for their own needs, in accordance with criteria to evaluate their own exhibitions, their needs and standards may be inconsistent with the exhibitors; evaluation who may not be an expert. Therefore, such evaluation can only be used as a reference for the exhibition can not be selected as the main basis.
(4) as rival exhibitors and exhibitors.
This is a very common phenomenon, especially in large companies. Important trade fair is a good place debut in this situation, the impact of the exhibitor to expand or maintain the positive significance. However, the competitors take part in a show of his own strategic and tactical considerations. Each of the exhibitors are not necessarily the same reasons, others exhibiting behavior should not be the reason for their participation. Therefore, in addition to considering their own marketing strategy that is why the exhibition, but also consider the marketing tactics, that is, what kind of marketing, market competition does not necessarily have a positive race to defeat the enemy, capture the market in many ways. In short, to consider various aspects according to their own needs, can not be rivals led by the nose.

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