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Exhibit Transportation - the lifeblood of exhibitors
Time:12/10/2013 6:04:34 AM

In China, the exhibition is a recognized sunrise industry. Since it is the sun, to not be as flourishing as it both ways, its capability, there are always some flaws, there are always places that are not satisfactory, the exhibition is one such transport. Transportation of the exhibition as fodder in the army. As the saying goes: "moving troops and horses, forage ahead." Logistical support is vital for any industry. At the exhibition, in accordance with different forms of transport are divided into domestic and foreign exhibits transport exhibits transportation, local transportation and off-site transport exhibition. In general, local exhibitors better transport links less resolved
However, transport problems in remote participants are often the most troublesome problem for the organizers.
Participating in different places of the great concept, can be divided into three categories: off-site to participate in a one-time exhibition, traveling exhibition, and overseas development.
One-time exhibitions in different places to participate in a one-time transport of the exhibition, different places in different cities means that domestic, involving long-distance transport can be divided into rail freight and road freight. They have their own advantages and shortcomings. Generally use the container rail freight transport, according to the different exhibits, generally 1 ton, 6 ton, 10 tons, 20 tons of boxes. 1 ton, 6 ton box for delivery of single precious exhibits; 10 tons, 20 tons of container stands for the decomposition of the overall transport, this type of transport had the largest share. The advantages of rail transport are generally able to receive the container pavilion, transported to the designated area, and can save a lot of transport problems.
Disadvantage is that relatively high cost, relatively long period of preparation for the preliminary work caused a lot of pressure. As the number of exhibitors participating general limited grasp of the overall process is not very place, so easily lead to the phenomenon of transport can not arrive on time. Road transport increasingly developed as highways, and the trend shows more and more strong, gradually shorten transport time, flexibility, much stronger than rail freight, the price is low, but are difficult to overcome road freight fatal: One , good or bad road conditions and exhibits a direct relationship between the damage costs;
The second is midway can not control, lost things have occurred; third is the probability of accidents happening is much higher than rail transport, so the road freight requirements on the packaging to be much higher than the railway.
Transport traveling exhibition touring exhibition is a special exhibition, to be fought in the country, whether the time and durability of luck to be the most critical issue, as for shipping back a second problem. For general insurance, go through different channels to send two sets of the same place.
Procedures for overseas development of transport is one of the most diverse category, involving many departments, and the situation is different. First, overseas development through customs, customs procedures should be prepared accordingly. If packaging materials are within the scope of animal and plant quarantine, but also by the provisions of the relevant animal and plant quarantine disinfection embalmed. As many links in a long cycle, and that time is more difficult to grasp, consider looking for professional exhibition outside carriers to carriers, they have a wealth of experience and a variety of modes of transport can generally be timely delivered.
Three types of transport in the country are not really the formation of an industry, is also very non-standard, the credibility has not been established, and there are a lot of business opportunities, if they can formulate rules to regulate the industry to effectively manage them, whether From the economic and social benefits in terms of very significant.
"Precious in war," the concept of the exhibition is also a time of strong industry, how to react quickly to keep up with the rhythm of the exhibition is the transport sector should be examined. Good to have such a special exhibition Transport Association, the combination of resources specifically for the exhibition services industry may be able to make the exhibition go faster.

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