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What is Feather Flag
Time:4/2/2014 1:38:23 PM

Feather flag is named for the flag shape is like feather, and it is called water drop flag for its curved shape. The feather flag is used for advertisement exhibition and display in places, for its feather shape, no matter wind or calm wind, the feather flag can always be flat and fully exhibit. IF it wave with wind, it can fully attract your eyes, so it is very popular in foreign countries.
Nowadays, it has two designs for the flying banner, one is aluminum flagpole, the other is fiberglass flagpole which is insert design and it is very easy for carrying and install quickly. It mainly used in outdoor advertisement and promotion for competition, sales activity and auto 4S shop as a kind of high and new product which gradually instead of traditional colorful flags. IF you require the feather flag can anti wind, please pay attention to the material of pole and the thick of pipe when buying. Simultaneously, in order to achieve the propaganda effect, our company suggest you to choose the suitable base according to the environment such as the soft sand beach and grassland, you can choose the plug in base.For more information or other questions, you can visit our website: http://www.wewindisplay.com/ or contact with us: Wewin-display (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. .

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