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How to Classify Pull Up Banner and Roll Stand
Time:4/28/2014 7:54:48 PM

The pull up banner can be classified into many as double side pull up banner, table pull up banner, mini pull up banner, electirc pull up banner, folding roll stand, expansion link roll stand, drum type pull up banner and round pull up banner etc.
According to the detail type and property of pull up banner, we scientifically classify the display into regular pull up banner and non regular roll stand.
Regular pull up banner: the industry normal size, must design and make by the regulated size is convenient to install support pole and picture, the support pole is aluminum alloy and RP material (that is plastic steel), the cost of aluminum alloy is higher than RP, it is two times of RP. If the making technology allows, we can adjust the width of showing stand and the height of support pole by the customers’ requirment.For some shopping mall and supermarket is not suitable to put the large advertisement, all the pull up banner is composed by picture and support pole as X type pull up banner, H type roll stand, L type roll up banner and pop up display


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