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What is Pop Up Dispaly or Trade Show Booth
Time:5/6/2014 6:27:14 PM

Pop Up Display also named trade show booth is used for domestic and foreign exhibition advertising. It is easy to carry with independent shipping case by air transport. The frame of trade show booth is made by strong magnet and high quality aluminum material, the picture of pop up display is beautiful. The biggest advantage is simple to install---drag automatic lock, even if you do not operate this kind of product, you can install it by yourself in 20 minutes after reading the instructions drawing.

The Advantages of Pop Up Display or Trade Show Booth
I Modern sytle, simple lines, light and beautiful, easy to carry & tranport and install, store and save easily.
Ⅱ Aluminum pole with magnetic stripe, the picture can stick to the frame of fabric pop up display and do not fall, at the same time ensure to install picture location correctly.
Ⅲ Adopt the special magnetic picture technolgy with spotlights,PVC board, magnetic stripe and portable shipping case set.
Ⅳ The shape of trade show booth is many as straight and cure, you can choose which you like and can also combine arbitrarily to attract customers’eyes.


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