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The Differences Among the Three Normal X Banner
Time:8/12/2014 2:15:02 PM

The normal size ofX banner is 60*160cm and 80*180cm, and the generally seeing three banners are triangle X banner, aluminum X banner and Korean X banner. The differences is in the following:

Triangle X banner is composed by 5 round tube with middle connection, the four tube support for picture and one for supporting to stand. The price is affordable and economic.

Korean X banner is use good material and add two more supporting tube which made the banner more strong. The korean X banner can be used for more times than triangle X banner and aluminum X banner, however the total volume is bigger than triangle X banner and aluminum X banner.

Aluminum X banner is composed by 4 aluminum tube and round circle, the volume is small when opening and it is widely used in market and it is more durable than triangle X banner.

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