Backpack Flags

Backpack Flags

Wewindisplay is a professional backpack flags manufacturer in China. Backpack banners combine portability with eye-catching visual effects, making them perfect for various promotional and advertising events.

We offer custom backpack flags with various banner shapes and styles, including feather flags and teardrop flags. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising promotions, ensuring that your brand stands out at any event or trade show. We also provide backpack flag kits, flag poles, and flag holders to ensure stable display in outdoor conditions. The lightweight design of backpack banners makes them an ideal choice for walking banners.

Custom Backpack Flags

We offer custom backpack flag banners with different shapes, including feather flags, teardrop flags, and rectangle flags, among others. Walking banners are highly portable and can effectively capture people’s attention during outdoor events.

Feather Flags
Teardrop Flags

Backpack Banner Printing

We offer options for both single-sided and double-sided backpack flag banner printing to meet various advertising display needs. We use advanced printing technology and high-quality materials to ensure that your design graphics are clear and durable even when used outdoors. Backpack flag banners are ideal for outdoor events, business promotions, trade shows, and more, adding attraction to your advertising displays.

Backpack Banner Double Sided Printing

Double Sided Printing

Double-sided printing on backpack banners provides a larger display area for outdoor events, allowing your advertising message to be seen from multiple angles, significantly increasing brand exposure and recognition.

Single Sided Printing

Single-sided printing on backpack flag banners is a cost-effective option, suitable for customers with limited budgets who still want to achieve effective exposure.

Backpack Banner Single Sided Printing

Backpack Flag Pole

We offer two types of backpack flag poles and backpack options. The installation of backpack flag banners is very easy, as the backpack has slots on the back to securely attach the flag pole. You don’t need to worry about any discomfort to your back during advertising displays.

Wholesale Backpack Flags Manufacturer

Wewin is a leading wholesale backpack flag manufacturer in China. Easy to portable and durable, backpack banners are a great choice for advertising displays for your participation in events. We have 20 years of manufacturing experience to help ensure that we can fulfill your needs. We offer wholesale custom banners in a variety of sizes, banner printing, flag poles, and different banner styles to choose from for different business events and trade show displays.

As a source factory in China, Wewin can give you high-quality backpack flags at reasonable custom wholesale prices. You are welcome to contact Wewin now for a customized solution.

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Backpack Flags Assembling
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about backpack flags. If you don’t find the question you’re looking for below, feel free to contact us at any time for a satisfactory response.

A backpack flag is a portable, mobile advertising display tool that combines a backpack with a custom banner. It’s ideal for outdoor advertising, promotional events, and trade shows.

We offer backpack flags in various sizes to suit different advertising needs. If you have specific size requirements, please contact us for customization.

The flag banners are typically made of durable polyester material, while the backpack is crafted from lightweight, robust materials like nylon or polyester.

Yes, our backpack flags are designed for outdoor use and can withstand typical weather conditions.

Absolutely, you can contact us to customize the design of the banner, including patterns and text as per your requirements.

Our backpack flags are designed for easy installation and usually require no tools. You can be completely at ease with this.