Fabric Pop Up Display

Fabric Pop Up Display

WewinDisplay offers wholesale and custom fabric pop up displays with customizable printing, straight and curved frame designs, and sizes. Fabric pop up displays combine the convenience of a lightweight scissor truss frame with tension fabric, offering an easy-to-set-up and robust-looking solution for trade show displays. Unlike traditional pop-up displays, these fabric stands feature graphics that remain attached to the frame, greatly simplifying the setup process and allowing anyone to complete the setup in just a few seconds.

Pop up fabric displays are particularly popular for their ease of operation and quick setup, while fabric displays offer a seamless exhibition solution that merges the convenience of an expandable frame with a clean appearance, free of visible seams. The design of the fabric pop up display is intended to meet the needs of various shapes and sizes, providing flexibility and efficiency for all types of trade show events.

Fabric Pop Up Straight Displays
Fabric Pop Up Straight Display

Fabric Pop Up Straight Display

Custom durable, high-quality fabric pop up straight displays offer a visually appealing communication tool for your trade shows and marketing events, crucial for establishing effective communication with both existing and potential customers. The display, featuring a transport case, is designed to easily capture attention from afar with its refined look, multifunctionality, and detachable features, making it cost-effective for temporary events or promotional periods. WewinDisplay’s straight displays are built with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and high-strength polyester fabric, ensuring long-lasting durability and suitability for both indoor and outdoor advertising events.

The high-quality print achieved through dye-sublimation printing technology ensures that the fabric display is clear and vivid, with lively graphics and high-resolution images guaranteeing that your brand message is conveyed quickly and catches the target audience’s attention. Equipped with a frame banner, the pop up display allows for quick and easy setup and use at various promotional events, trade shows, red-carpet events, product launches, and more.

Moreover, the fabric pop up straight display is fully customizable to meet your specific business needs, offering a variety of size options, additional graphics, and hardware installation choices. For unique customization requests, you can provide specific instructions to alter and optimize the banner as needed, ensuring your display perfectly matches your brand image and marketing objectives.

Fabric Pop Up Curved Displays
Fabric Pop Up Curved Display

Fabric Pop Up Curved Display

High-quality, durable, and customizable fabric pop-up curved displays offer businesses of all sizes an eye-catching advertising and brand visibility solution. The pop-up display stands are effective in conveying messages and attracting audiences at exhibitions, conferences, or any marketing event. Constructed with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and high-strength polyester fabric, they provide flexibility and an extended lifespan for both indoor and outdoor use. The graphics weigh 230 GSM and utilize 1440 DPI dye-sublimation printing technology to ensure high-resolution, bright, and vibrant full-color images with lightfastness and sharp contrast, making a significant impact at any event.

The curved design of the pop-up display is intended to provide an ideal backdrop for trade shows and conferences, not only impressing potential clients but also saving valuable time through a simple and quick assembly process. The frame easily pops open and expands to full size, with fabric patterns securely fixed with nylon fasteners, ensuring minimal assembly effort and high print quality.

With 8.8-ounce vibrant, scratch-resistant fabric, the backdrop display can be washed and reused for many years, offering great value to businesses that regularly participate in events. You can even choose to order graphic display banners in bulk, instead of the complete aluminum pop-up frame, to easily switch designs for different promotional activities, making the fabric pop-up display a wise long-term investment.

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Fabric Pop Up Display are Portable and Easy to Clean

Fabric pop-up displays combine lightweight materials with a portable design, offering an ideal advertising solution for trade shows and exhibition events. The banner stands are not only easy to move from one location to another but their high-quality structural design can withstand frequent transport, maintaining shape and quality for effective display on multiple occasions. Additionally, nylon buckle attachments and the included travel bag further enhance their portability and convenience, making them a suitable choice for temporary setups.

8ft fabric pop up display

Moreover, the maintenance and cleaning of pop up display stands are equally convenient. Whether hand-washing or using a mild detergent in the machine, you can quickly and effectively keep the display stands clean and neat, ensuring the effectiveness of your advertising display. This low-maintenance feature means you can save time and energy, focusing on marketing and presentation activities instead of the cleaning and upkeep of the fabric pop up display.

Using 8ft and 10ft fabric pop up display makes your booth stand out

The 8ft and 10ft fabric pop up displays are the most popular choices, offering a dynamic and visually appealing display solution for trade show displays and various events. These stands combine durable yet lightweight aluminum frames with high-quality tension fabric graphics, allowing for tool-free, rapid deployment and setup in just seconds. Both the 8×8 and 10×10 displays easily adapt to 10×10 trade show booths, step and repeat banners, stage backdrops, and other marketing spaces.

The design of the display stands focuses not only on portability and ease of assembly but also offers a variety of options, including straight and curved designs, with or without end caps, along with accessories like banners and trade show podiums that enhance brand presentation and interactivity. These display stands are an ideal choice for businesses seeking to quickly and effectively increase brand awareness and display impact.

Pop Up Display Manufacturers in China

As one of China’s wholesale pop up display manufacturers and suppliers with 20 years of experience in producing, WewinDisplay offers you affordable and guaranteed high-quality fabric pop-up displays. Our factory produces durable and portable fabric display stands available in a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes to meet the diverse needs of every customer. If your booth has other specific requirements, contact us so we can help you customize a fabric pop-up display that suits your needs.

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WewinDisplay is a wholesaler of pop-up displays in China. We own our pop-up display factory, allowing us to produce durable and high-quality display stands, ensuring you gain more exposure at trade shows or events. As a source factory in China, we can offer you wholesale fabric pop-up displays, banner stands, and backdrop display solutions at wholesale prices, helping you improve your booth design.

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We offer a one-stop shop for custom designs, including sizes, prints, and shapes.

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Wewindisplay has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing fabric pop up displays, ensuring the ability to meet our customers' customized wholesale production needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about fabric pop up displays. If you don’t find the question you’re looking for below, feel free to contact us at any time for a satisfactory response.

A fabric pop-up display is a lightweight display tool that uses a collapsible frame and fabric graphics, designed for trade shows, promotional events, or any occasion that requires temporary displays.

Very easy. Most fabric pop-up displays are designed for quick expansion without the need for tools, and the graphics are usually pre-installed on the frame.

Yes, you can fully customize the graphic design according to your needs and brand image.

Most fabric banners are machine washable with mild detergent and cold water, then air-dried. Avoid using a dryer.

Yes, pop up displays are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, often coming with a travel bag or case for easy transportation from one location to another.

With high-quality materials and structural design, it is built to withstand frequent use and transport, ensuring long-term durability.

Sizes include the most common 8ft and 10ft fabric pop up displays, as well as custom sizes. Options range from small tabletop displays to large backdrops to accommodate different booth display needs and space restrictions.

Yes, you can order custom banners in bulk and swap out graphics depending on the needs of different displays or events.