Frequently Asked Questions When Using Inflatable Tents

FrequentlyAsked Questions When Using inflatable Tents

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Inflatable tents provide great convenience for our outdoor activities, however, we may occasionally encounter some difficulties in the process of using them. Next we will share the common problems of inflatable canopy and maintenance tips.

How to Deal with a Wet Inflatable Tent After Rain?

Normally, when we put away the tent, we need to ensure that it is completely dry and clean. However, if there is heavy rain and the tent has to be put away while it is wet, then when the weather clears, the tent should be unfolded immediately and the tent cloth allowed to dry thoroughly before stowing.

How to clean the inflatable tent dirt?

When cleaning an inflatable tent, it is recommended that you first spread the tent out completely and ensure that you clean it in a dry state. It is critical to use proper methods when cleaning and maintaining, avoid stepping directly on the tent surface or applying excessive force.

How to clean the inflatable tent dirt

What should I do if my inflatable tent breaks?

In the face of minor damage to the tent, such as small air leaks, we can repair it by ourselves. Inflatable tent repair special glue can be used, evenly coated in the area to be bonded, generally coated with two layers to achieve the desired bonding effect. If the damage is more serious, it is difficult to repair by yourself, then you should contact the manufacturer of the inflatable tent, and use your free time to send the tent back to the manufacturer for professional repair, to ensure that the quality of the tent is not affected.

How to Handle Condensation in an Inflatable Tent?

Many customers respond to the inflatable tent in the process of using the phenomenon of water vapor condensation, what are the reasons for the emergence of water vapor condensation? How to avoid it? 

Principle of Water Vapor Condensation

Inflatable tent in the process of use, when the water vapor meets the cold surface, due to temperature differences, from the state of gas immediately converted to liquid, water vapor will naturally condense, this phenomenon is estimated that many users have encountered to varying degrees, and almost all of the inflatable tent will be different degrees of suffering from this situation.

From a chemical point of view water vapor and tent cold surface contact at the same time, the water vapor in the gaseous state of heat will slowly reduce, which in turn causes the water vapor into liquid, due to the temperature difference between day and night, the greater the temperature and temperature difference, the faster the speed of condensation. Especially when sleeping inside the tent at night, the heat emitted from the body will warm up the inside of the tent, and when the temperature outside the tent drops, the meeting of the hot air inside and the cold air outside will cause condensation, thus filling the inflatable tent with condensation.

What's so great about outdoor inflatable tents


It is almost impossible to completely avoid the inflatable tent leakage phenomenon, but there are still ways to control and reduce its impact, the most effective way is: create a ventilation conditions to ensure air circulation, so that the temperature difference between inside and outside is reduced. This will also allow the heat emanating from your body to exit the tent. Specifically, we can roll up one side of the tent, or take a small object to the top of the zipper open, of course, this is not the case of rain.

Although these ways can reduce condensation in inflatable tents, condensation will always happen again, the easiest way is for you to either wipe it down with a quick-drying towel or prop the outer tent up to dry and let the water bead up and evaporate, this ensures that your tent is dry when you store it, and this is something that is particularly important to keep in mind with tent maintenance.

What's so great about outdoor inflatable tents?

For the cool outdoor sports partners, outdoor inflatable tent is a good choice, in preparation for the purchase of outdoor inflatable tent need to look at the following detailed parameters about the inflatable tent, you know outdoor inflatable tent in the end is good.

Size and Customization

General outdoor inflatable tent size 2000mm * 1500mm, that is, 3 square meters of area, suitable for 1-2 people to use, the height of the majority of men’s height to select the 1800mm, that is, 1.8m to meet the majority of men, of course, for the height of other requirements, you can directly consult the weindisplay Our outdoor inflatable tent accepts customized service to meet the rationalization requirements of customers.


Outdoor inflatable tent in order to facilitate the wild mountaineering or hiking tourism, camping and other activities, convenient for everyone’s travel, taking into account the problem of weight, set up according to the 15kg weight to design, humanized design allows you to wild more relaxed. In the inflatable device can be equipped with a foot pump, for the field inflatable extremely convenient, no electricity do not have to worry about, rely on their own feet immediately can be enough gas, not only saving electricity, but also to promote our environmental protection concept.

What should I do if my inflatable tent breaks

Windproof and Waterproof

Outdoor is certainly to do a good job of windproof, waterproof measures, the bottom fabric we used PVC sandwich mesh coated fabric, waterproof index set up to 130mm, the gas column is 0.7mm gray double-sided coated PVC, not only stain-resistant, waterproof is indeed a very practical configuration. For waterproof measures to do everything, the field can also sleep a sound sleep.

Customization Printing

Outdoor inflatable tent outer cloak color can be military green digital camouflage, the main thing is to better conceal ourselves, to protect our wild safety camping, other colors can also be customized.

Easy to Use

Outdoor tent inflatable process: just we lay the tent flat after pulling the corners flat, two-person inflatable tent with foot pump, about 5 minutes can be completed. Pillar pressure value is generally 24 hours to keep the same, 7 days do not fall down to help, of course, for safety reasons, please add ground brazing and reinforcing rope, when the wind ≥ 8 level, please quickly put away the tent.

Wewindisplay designs and produces a series of distinctive inflatable tents with advanced foreign production technology and modern high-frequency heat-lamination technology, which not only ensures the quality of the products, but also makes the design more humanized in terms of its appearance and other aspects!

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