Portable Counters

Portable Counter

Wewin is one of the leading portable counter manufacturers in China. We offer wholesale custom portable trade show counters and podiums. Exhibitions are key events for businesses to showcase their products and services, and portable display counters play a vital role in enhancing the visibility of displays and in the reception of customers effectively.

Portable counters are compact, easy-to-assemble solutions for trade show booths. Their pop-up and inner shelf design is made for convenience and storage, making them perfect for trade shows where quick setup and dismantling are needed. Customize your promotional counter to match your company’s branding and business information, using graphics and colors that represent your brand identity, along with our customization options for different types and sizes.

As a professional portable counters wholesaler in China, Wewin can offer our clients the most favorable custom prices for display counters. We provide the perfect solution for your exhibition needs.

Trade Show Counter

Our trade show counters feature backlit displays and pop-up designs, attracting attention in high-traffic trade show booths and thus enhancing your business. Our portable counter designs include square and oval podiums, with shelving at the bottom for storing smaller items. Ideal as reception or display counters, they enhance your presence at trade shows with their stylishness and functionality.

Backlit Trade Show Counters

Backlit Trade Show Counter

Pop Up Trade Show Counter

Pop Up Trade Show Counter

Custom Trade Show Counter

Custom Trade Show Counter

Promotion Table

Our promotion table is a versatile and portable promotional counter, perfect for supermarkets, trade shows, and marketing events. They combine PVC-based display stands with sturdy counter designs, ideal for advertising displays and product sampling. The pop-up feature ensures easy setup, quickly creating an attractive booth in any space. 

The promotional counter is more than just a display table,it’s a centerpiece for your promotional activities, offering ample space for creative promotion table ideas. We provide various custom sizes and designs for promotional tables, including a sleek promotion desk, it caters to diverse needs. Its affordability makes it a great choice, with competitive promotion table prices. Choose our table for a dynamic and impactful marketing tool at your next event. 

Promotion Counter
Promotion Table
Promotion tables

Trade Show Podium

Using a trade show podium can enhance your show booth, the custom and portable counter that stands out in any event. This podium counter combines the elegance of tension fabric with the convenience of a pillow case design, ensuring easy setup and a sleek look. The pop-up feature of this counter table makes it ideal for quick assembly and disassembly. 

Designed for portability, our podium is perfect for exhibitors on the go. It’s more than just a counter display; the trade show podium is an iconic tool with unique design and functionality to enhance your business presentation.

Trade Show Podium
Trade Show Podiums
Portable Trade Show Podium
Counter Display

Custom Portable Counter

Our custom portable counter is the perfect fusion of practicality and style for any trade show, exhibition, or promotional event.

Designed to serve as a sampling counter and promotion table, this versatile piece is ideal for showcasing products or literature. The counter display is enhanced by a backlit feature, making it a focal point in any setting. With its innovative pop-up design, the counter is not only easy to set up and also incredibly portable.

The portable counter’s custom design options allow you to tailor its look to match your brand identity or exhibition counter theme. Additionally, the podium stand feature adds an element of professionalism, making it a standout piece in any events.

Wholesale Portable Counter

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of portable counters in China, we offer custom wholesale various portable counters, including high-quality trade show counters, podiums, and promotional tables. Our factory, with 20 years of production experience, ensures we can meet your specific production and custom wholesale needs.

Being the original manufacturer, we provide our clients with the most favorable wholesale prices for portable counters. Retailers and local wholesalers from various locations are welcome to contact us for a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about portable counters. If you don’t find the question you’re looking for below, feel free to contact us at any time for a satisfactory response.

Portable counters are primarily used for trade shows, promotional events, conferences, and temporary retail settings, offering convenient and quick setup and dismantling.

You can customize counters through Wewin based on size, color, print design, and additional features (like storage space or special shapes).

We provide services like digital printing and screen printing, suitable for company logos, slogans, and custom designs.

Regularly clean the surface, avoid scratching with sharp objects, and follow the instruction manual for maintenance and repairs.

Most portable counters are designed for repeated use, ideal for multiple exhibitions or events.

Portability, ease of assembly and disassembly, and customizability are the main advantages, making them suitable for fast-paced and versatile exhibition and event environments.