Custom Retail Display Stands Manufacturers in China

Custom Retail Display Racks Manufacturers in China

Our Customers

Our clients span various industries, including retail, telecommunications, electronics, financial services, beauty/cosmetics, and maternal and infant care.

Custom Metal Retail Display Racks

Wewindisplay has specialized in metal retail displays for 20 years. We offer custom sizes and styles to meet your display needs. Whether showcasing products, promotions, or brand campaigns, our display stands can be tailored to highlight various content based on their unique features.

Chip Display Rack

Custom POP Wire Displays

Gridwall Panels

Wire Grid Retail Displays

Countertop Display Rack

Counter Display Racks

Retail Floor Displays

Retail Floor Displays

Metal Wall Displays

Metal Wall Displays

Retail Shelf Displays

Metal Retail Display Racks

Metal Retail Display Racks

Snack Display Rack

Custom Snack Display Racks

Custom Acrylic Display Stands

We offer design and production of various types of retail display stands, Suitable for displaying jewelry, cosmetics, brochures, tobacco and alcohol, beverages, and electronics in retail settings. supporting OEM/ODM. Cannot find exactly what you are looking for? We can custom make it for you!

Acrylic print

Acrylic Display Stands

Countertop Displays

Merchandising Displays

Display Boxcase

Display Boxcase

Cosmetic Display Stands

Cosmetic Display Stands

Retail Display Stands

Retail Display Stands

Custom Acrylic Display Cases

Countertop Displays

Retail Display Stands

Table Menu Stands

Acrylic Cutting

Acrylic Cutting

Custom PVC Foam Board Display Stands

Custom PVC foam board displays are perfect for showcasing your products with style and durability. Ideal for retail, trade shows, and promotional events. By partnering with a professional display stand manufacturer or supplier, you can obtain customized solutions to ensure the display stands perfectly align with your brand image and needs.

PVC Foam Board Floor Displays

PVC Foam Board Floor Displays

POP Counter Forex Board Display Stands

POP Counter Forex Board Displays

Retail Forex Board Display Stands

Custom PVC Foam Board Display Racks

examples7 1

Retail Forex Board Display Stands

examples5 1

POS Store PVC Foam Board Displays

POS Counter Forex Board Display Stands

Forex Board Floor Displays Racks

Forex Board Countertop Display Cases

Forex Board Countertop Display Cases

Cannot find exactly what you are looking for?
We can custom make it for you!


Professional Retail Display Racks Solutions

One-Stop Customization, and Wholesale Service. You don’t need to worry.

Customized Sizes

Customize the size for your application and display products

Customized Styles

Floor、Counter、Shelf、Wall、Wire Grid、Pop

Customized Materials


Factory Wholesale Prices

Source Factory, No Middleman

Your Simple, Trusted Supplier of Retail Display Stands

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Why Choose Wewindisplay?

Wewindisplay is an experienced manufacturer that specialized in the custom retail display racks industry for over 21 years. Our factory covers  30,000 SQ FT area, with 5 professional engineers and 16 overseas sales representatives, continuously providing 2,000 cost-effective solutions for global brands to solve retail display problems and let them stand out in the competition.

We service some of the largest and some of the smallest brands in the world, both getting the full measure of our attention and capabilities. Wewin team always act as a trusted partner with every client and try our very best to provide high quality retail display rack to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. “Client First” is our top priority.

21+Years Industry Experience
One-Stop Service for Customizing Retail Displays
Exporting to 50+ countries
Export over 300,000 + Display Racks Per Year
Strict Quality Management Systems


Environmentally safe material

Cost-effective solution

Affordable price within your budget


Strict Quality Management Systems

Retail Display Racks Manufacturing Process

From prototype to mass production, we do it all with the highest standard of material and top quality.

Raw materials1

Raw materials

The first step in our production process for metal display racks is sourcing high-quality raw materials. We use premium metals to ensure durability and superior quality in our products.



The second step is welding. The sourced metal is precisely welded to form the basic structure of the display racks, ensuring strength and stability.

Semi-finished Goods3

Semi-finished Goods

The third step is handling the semi-finished goods. The welded structures are then processed and prepared for assembly, ensuring all components meet quality standards.



The fourth step is assembly. The semi-finished components are meticulously assembled into complete display racks, ready for final inspection.

Finished Goods Warehouse5

Finished Goods Warehouse

The fifth step is the finished goods warehouse. The fully assembled display racks are inspected, approved, and stored in the finished goods warehouse, ready for shipment.

Container Loading

Container Loading

The final step is container loading. The finished products are carefully packed and loaded into containers, ready for shipment to customers worldwide.

Acrylic sheets

Acrylic Sheets

The first step in our acrylic display production process is sourcing high-quality acrylic sheets.

Acrylic Extruding

Acrylic Extruding

The second step is acrylic extruding. The acrylic sheets are heated and extruded into the desired shapes and sizes for the display components.

Acrylic Cutting

Acrylic Cutting

The third step is acrylic cutting. The extruded acrylic is precisely cut to the required dimensions for each display component.

Acrylic assembly

Acrylic Assembly

The fourth step is acrylic assembly. The cut acrylic pieces are carefully assembled into complete display units.

Acrylic semi-finished

Acrylic Semi-Finished

The fifth step is handling the acrylic semi-finished products. The assembled units undergo inspection and preparation for final finishing touches.

Finished products(2)

Finished Products

The final step is finishing the products. The inspected and completed acrylic displays are polished, quality-checked, and stored in the finished goods warehouse, ready for shipment.

Printing Workshop(6)

Design Preparation

Create and adjust the image according to the client’s requirements and specifications, ensuring it meets the spray painting requirements.

Printing Workshop(2)

Material Selection

Choose the appropriate spray painting materials, such as banner fabric, lightbox cloth, vehicle stickers, etc.

Printing Workshop(3)

Image Processing

Adjust the colors, optimize the resolution, and convert the file format of the designed image to ensure the best spray painting effect.

Printing Workshop(1)

Printing Output

Input the processed image file into the spray painting machine for large-format printing, ensuring the image is clear and the colors are accurate.

Printing Workshop(4)


Apply laminating, cutting, and splicing to the printed products to enhance durability and aesthetics.

Printing Workshop(5)

Quality Inspection

Inspect the finished spray-painted products for any defects, then package them for shipment once they pass quality checks.

Choose Your Retail Display Racks

Choosing the Best Retail Display Rack for Your Business

Retail display racks in various sizes can be customized according to your specific needs and usage scenarios.

Your Trusted Supplier of Retail Display Racks

WewinDisplay was established in 2003, specializing in the design and production of a variety of retail display racks, including metal display racks, acrylic display stands, pvc foam board stands, and more.

As a leading manufacturer of advertising displays in China. Wewindisplay helps wholesalers and brand businesses in solving their advertising display challenges with high-quality one-stop wholesale custom services.

Factory Wholesale Prices

Exhibition & Customer Visit

WewinDisplay has over 20 years of industry experience in retail display racks and exports to over 50 countries worldwide.

We specialize in producing metal, acrylic, and PVC retail display racks. We strive to provide our customers with the best manufacturing technology and support.


These are some of the production photos as well as shipping photos of some of the metal retail displays and acrylic showcases that we have helped some of our customers produce. We hope to reach a partnership with you as well.

Our Team

This is the daily office environment of wewindisplay team. As well as a group photo of our sales team attending a trade show.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from satisfied customers about our high-quality, competitively priced metal display stands. Read their reviews to understand why our products are the best choice for meeting your retail display management needs.

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