Retail Floor Displays

Retail floor displays come in various designs and materials, such as wire stands, acrylic cases, and pegboard racks. These versatile display units are ideal for showcasing a wide range of merchandise, including posters, brochures, sunglasses, hats, and photos. Their tiered structures and spinner features make them perfect for organizing small items and boosting visibility.

At the point of purchase, these essential retail fixtures are vital for supermarkets and other retail stores. They help promote products effectively and are among the best solutions for creating attractive and accessible product presentations. With options like poster displays and tiered shelves, these displays ensure your merchandise stands out and is ready for sale.

Floor Display for Retail Stores

Floor displays are important for effectively showcasing products and promotional materials for retail stores. Options include versatile pegboard racks, elegant poster easels, and practical spinner stands. These display solutions, available in materials like PVC foam board, forex board, metal wire, and acrylic cases, are perfect for presenting brochures and merchandise. Their sturdy construction and customizable designs make them the best choice for enhancing product visibility and driving sales in retail environments. As vital store fixtures, these displays contribute to an organized and attractive retail space.

metal Wall displays

pegboard floor displays

Poster Holder Stand

floor standing poster displays

Metal Retail Display Racks

floor spinner display racks

Brochure Stand

floor standing brochure display rack

Acrylic Plant Stand

acrylic floor display cases

Acrylic Easel Stand

acrylic floor standing easel

Acrylic Book Stand

acrylic floor standing book stands

Acrylic Display Stands

acrylic pedestal floor display stands

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pvc floor display stands

pvc foam board display racks

Forex Board Countertop Display Cases

Retail Forex Board Display Stands

PVC Foam Board Floor Displays

Forex Board Floor Displays Racks

Retail Floor Displays Manufacturing Factory

From prototype to mass production, we do it all with the highest standard of material and top quality.

Raw materials1

Raw materials

The first step in our production process for metal display racks is sourcing high-quality raw materials. We use premium metals to ensure durability and superior quality in our products.



The second step is welding. The sourced metal is precisely welded to form the basic structure of the display racks, ensuring strength and stability.

Semi-finished Goods3

Semi-finished Goods

The third step is handling the semi-finished goods. The welded structures are then processed and prepared for assembly, ensuring all components meet quality standards.



The fourth step is assembly. The semi-finished components are meticulously assembled into complete display racks, ready for final inspection.

Finished Goods Warehouse5

Finished Goods Warehouse

The fifth step is the finished goods warehouse. The fully assembled display racks are inspected, approved, and stored in the finished goods warehouse, ready for shipment.

Container Loading

Container Loading

The final step is container loading. The finished products are carefully packed and loaded into containers, ready for shipment to customers worldwide.

Acrylic sheets

Acrylic Sheets

The first step in our acrylic display production process is sourcing high-quality acrylic sheets.

Acrylic Extruding

Acrylic Extruding

The second step is acrylic extruding. The acrylic sheets are heated and extruded into the desired shapes and sizes for the display components.

Acrylic Cutting

Acrylic Cutting

The third step is acrylic cutting. The extruded acrylic is precisely cut to the required dimensions for each display component.

Acrylic assembly

Acrylic Assembly

The fourth step is acrylic assembly. The cut acrylic pieces are carefully assembled into complete display units.

Acrylic semi-finished

Acrylic Semi-Finished

The fifth step is handling the acrylic semi-finished products. The assembled units undergo inspection and preparation for final finishing touches.

Finished products(2)

Finished Products

The final step is finishing the products. The inspected and completed acrylic displays are polished, quality-checked, and stored in the finished goods warehouse, ready for shipment.

Printing Workshop(6)

Design Preparation

Create and adjust the image according to the client’s requirements and specifications, ensuring it meets the spray painting requirements.

Printing Workshop(2)

Material Selection

Choose the appropriate spray painting materials, such as banner fabric, lightbox cloth, vehicle stickers, etc.

Printing Workshop(3)

Image Processing

Adjust the colors, optimize the resolution, and convert the file format of the designed image to ensure the best spray painting effect.

Printing Workshop(1)

Printing Output

Input the processed image file into the spray painting machine for large-format printing, ensuring the image is clear and the colors are accurate.

Printing Workshop(4)


Apply laminating, cutting, and splicing to the printed products to enhance durability and aesthetics.

Printing Workshop(5)

Quality Inspection

Inspect the finished spray-painted products for any defects, then package them for shipment once they pass quality checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions we get asked the most about retail floor displays.

What is a retail store floor fixture?

A retail store floor fixture is an essential component of the merchandising journey, designed to hold and display products in various shapes and sizes. These fixtures, including stands, shelves, and racks, are strategically placed on the floor to optimize product visibility and enhance the overall shopping experience in retail stores.

What are the benefits of retail floor display rack?

Retail floor display racks are beneficial for showcasing products on the floor, boosting sales, and promoting merchandise effectively. These stands are versatile and can be used for various promotional activities, making them a valuable asset for any retail environment.

Where to use floor display stand?

Floor display stands are widely used in the retail world, including stores, pop-up shops, trade shows, and promotional events. They are perfect for showcasing products and attracting customers’ attention in a dynamic and engaging manner.

How to choose floor standing retail display?

Choosing a floor-standing retail display involves considering the size and weight of the products you want to showcase, as well as the materials used, such as acrylic, PVC, or metal wire. Ensuring the display fits the store’s aesthetic and can support the merchandise effectively is crucial for optimal product presentation.