Swooper Flags

Swooper Flags

Wewindisplay is a leading swooper flag manufacturer and wholesaler in China. We offer a variety of custom swooper flag solutions to meet your unique promotional needs. The name ‘swooper flag’ comes from the feather flag design, often referred to as swooper feather flags or flutter flags. 

They are ideal for businesses and events such as car washes, daycares, car dealerships, barber shops, or pawn shops. Our flag banners are made from high-quality materials, and equipped with sturdy flag poles and kits, ensuring stable display in outdoor conditions, whether windy or without wind.

We offer custom options including single or double-sided printed banners, sizes, flag stands, and bases. As a source factory for swooper feather flags in China, we provide our customers with high-quality custom flags at wholesale prices. Businesses and local wholesalers worldwide are welcome to contact Wewin for a free quote.

Custom Swooper Flags

We offer a one-stop design service for custom swooper flags, including flag poles and base kits, sizes, and printing options. Custom swooper flags are an effective and visually striking advertising tool used by businesses and organizations to attract attention and promote their brand or message. Swooper feather flags are distinctive due to their tall and narrow design, often seen fluttering in front of businesses, trade shows, sporting events, and other high-traffic areas.

Car Dealer Swooper Flags

Car Dealer Swooper Flags

Barber Shop Swooper Flags

Barber Shop Swooper Flags

Daycare Swooper Flags

Daycare Swooper Flags

Swooper Flag Pole

Our selection of swooper flag poles is comprehensive, featuring entirely fiberglass poles, complete aluminum pole kits, and a combination of fiberglass and aluminum poles, providing a variety of custom options.

All aluminum flag pole
Fiberglass+Aluminum Flag p
All fiberglass flag pole

Swooper Flag Base

Feather flag ground spike base

Ground Spike Bases

The swooper flags ground spike base, perfect for outdoor soil or grass, securely and easily anchors the flag pole for displaying feather banners.

feather flag car base

Car Bases

Designed for vehicles, this car base is ideal for outdoor mobile displays, offering easy installation, durability, and suitability for all weather conditions.

Feather flag square base

Square Bases

The heavy metal square base, designed for indoor use, ensures a stable foundation for custom swooper flags.

Affordable Basic cross base

Affordable Basic Cross Bases

The cross base, economical and stable, is perfect for lightweight flags and suitable for indoor use or mild outdoor settings.

Premium cross base

Premium Cross Bases

The enhanced stability and durability of the premium cross base make it ideal for regular use both indoors and outdoors, even in slightly harsh weather conditions.

Heavy duty cross base

Heavy Duty Cross Bases

Designed for resilience, the heavy-duty cross base excels in strong winds and severe weather. It’s highly stable, making it suitable for large or heavy flags in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Feather flag Water base

Water Bases

The water base is lightweight, easy to fill, and offers solid stability, ideal for moderate outdoor wind conditions. It’s also convenient to carry and set up.

Feather Flag water filled base

Water Filled Bases

The water-filled base adds extra weight and stability, making it versatile for various environments, including moderate outdoor wind conditions.

Feather Flag heavy duty water filled base

Heavy Duty Water Filled Bases

The heavy-duty, high-capacity water-filled base provides robust stability for large flags, perfect for high-wind areas and extended outdoor use.

Double Sided Swooper Flags

Double-sided swooper flag banners, perfect for advertising at both outdoor and indoor events, are a great option. Their two-sided design ensures your key message is visible from all angles, effectively aiding in your business’s growth.

Double Sided Swooper Flags

Double Sided Printing

Double-sided swooper flags stand out as highly effective outdoor signage, offering the option to print your design on both sides. You have the flexibility to print either identical or different designs on each side, tailored to your specific requirements.

Single Sided Swooper Flags

Single-sided swooper flags excel in indoor settings where displaying only one side of the banner suffices, as these feather banners feature print exclusively on one side of the material.

Single Sided Printing

Single-sided swooper feather flags, featuring printing on just one side with a lighter reverse image, offer a budget-friendly option compared to double-sided flags. They are perfectly suited for indoor settings where only one side of the flag is exposed to viewers.

Single Sided Swooper Flags

Swooper Flag Sizes

We offer a variety of custom swooper flag sizes to meet your diverse needs for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Swooper Flag Sizes

Swooper Flags Wholesale

For indoor and outdoor events, wholesale swooper flags are perfect for everyone from local wholesalers to large corporate businesses. We offer a range of custom options, including various sizes, shapes, printing styles, flag poles, and base kits to meet diverse display needs. As a source factory in China, Wewin offers highly competitive wholesale prices. Feel free to contact us for a free quote.


No matter what your specific requirements are, we're equipped to fulfill them. With a low minimum order quantity, we invite you to get in touch with us.

wholesale Price

Being the original manufacturer, we guarantee offering you the most competitive wholesale prices.

Custom Services

We offer a one-stop custom design service for customized sizes, colors, printing, flag poles, and base kits.

Rich Experience

With over 20 years of experience in crafting swooper flags, Wewin has the expertise to fulfill clients' custom wholesale production requirements.

Swooper Flag Manufacturers in China

Wewindisplay is a professional swooper flag manufacturer and supplier in China. Our swooper feather flags use advanced printing technology to ensure clear patterns, enhancing the impact of your business advertising displays. Swooper flags are portable and durable. We offer custom printing, sizes, flag poles, and base kits for swooper flags, feather flags, teardrop flags, and backpack flags.

Our factory in China has 20 years of production experience, ensuring we can provide our customers with satisfactory service and product quality, which has always been our mission.

Raw Materials
Backpack Banner Sewing

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about swooper flags. If you don’t find the question you’re looking for below, feel free to contact us at any time for a satisfactory response.

Swooper Flags are tall, narrow, banner-like flags, often used for advertising and promotional. They are designed to flutter and wave in the wind, attracting attention to a location or event.

They are made from durable, lightweight fabrics like polyester, which allows them to flutter in the wind and withstand various outdoor weather conditions.

Yes, swooper flags can be fully customized with logos, colors, and text to fit specific branding or messaging needs.

Yes, swooper feather flags are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, with materials that can endure weather elements.

There are several base options, including ground spikes for soft surfaces, cross bases for flat surfaces, and heavy-duty water or sand-filled bases for high-wind areas.

Swooper flags are commonly used for business advertising, like car sales, car wash services, beauty salons, and restaurants, as well as various events and exhibitions.

Size should be based on the usage scenario and desired visibility. Taller flags are suitable for outdoor and long-distance visual impact, while smaller ones are better for indoor or confined spaces.

Special tools are usually not needed. Most Swooper Flags are designed for easy assembly and come with straightforward installation instructions.