Talk about the Storage Space in the Booth Design

Talk about the storage space in the booth design

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Booth space for exhibitors inch by inch, how to reasonably utilize every space of a booth is crucial for exhibitors.

The booth is generally divided by function: reception area, product display area, negotiation area and so on.

One of the storage areas is also very important.

What are some of the storage spaces in booth design and construction?

Storage space can be made underneath the reception desk for promotional materials, small gifts, etc.

Small product boxes can be placed under trade show counters with storage space.

There are special designs, such as thickened panel walls or thickened structures, that allow for some storage space underneath as well.

If the storage space mentioned above isn’t enough to store your items, you’ll have to make a separate, dedicated storage room.

What are the advantages of a standalone storage room?

The advantage of a separate storage room is to organize all the things of the booth that are not necessary to be seen outside the booth, making the booth clean and tidy. But an extra storage room will add a bit more to the build cost.

Separate storage room in addition to the ability to put promotional materials, product display boxes, gift boxes; you can put a larger machine packaging, put the staff’s suitcase, hanging clothes; inside the refrigerator, coffee machine, and other special features need to be placed, and so on.

Every exhibitor has different requirements for trade show storage space.

If there are not too many or too little products at the exhibition, and there is not some other additional storage needs, you may not need to make a separate storage room.

If there is a large LED screen in the booth design, a separate room is usually required to house the video playback equipment and can also be used as part of the exhibitor’s storage space.

Therefore, the need for a separate storage room in exhibition stand design varies from company to company depending on their requirements. If you need to know more about booth design, please contact Wewindisplay to help you provide solutions.

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