Teardrop Banner Bases

Our Teardrop banner bases are designed to offer great stability and durability. Available in various styles such as ground spikes and cross bases, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you need a heavy-duty base for windy conditions or a lightweight portable option for trade shows and events, we have you covered. Our metal flag bases are sturdy and reliable while water weight bases provide extra support when needed. These bases are easy to set up with rotating and fixed options to suit your display needs. Ideal for ensuring your feather flags stand tall and attract attention, our flag bases are a must-have for any promotional campaign. Check out our Teardrop banner poles for even more display options.

Feather flag ground spike base

Ground Spike Bases

The ground spike base is ideal for use on outdoor grass or soil, allowing the flag pole to be directly inserted into the ground for a secure and stable outdoor display of teardrop banners.

feather flag car base

Car Bases

Car bases designed for easy installation on vehicles, this base is an ideal choice for outdoor mobile displays. Sturdy and durable, it is suitable for all weather conditions.

Feather flag square base

Square Bases

The square base, made of heavy metal material, is suitable for indoor use, providing a stable foundation for your custom teardrop flags.

Affordable Basic cross base

Affordable Basic Cross Bases

The affordable cross base offers stable support. Suitable for lightweight flags, it is an ideal choice for indoor displays or mild outdoor conditions.

Premium cross base

Premium Cross Bases

The premium cross base features enhanced stability and durability. Suitable for frequent indoor and outdoor use, and slightly harsh weather conditions.

Heavy duty cross base

Heavy Duty Cross Bases

The heavy-duty cross base is specifically designed to withstand strong winds and harsh weather. Extremely stable, it is suitable for large or heavy flags, both indoors and outdoors.

Feather flag Water base

Water Bags

The lightweight and easy-to-fill water base provides good stability. Suitable for moderate wind conditions outdoors, it is easy to carry and set up.

Feather Flag water filled base

Water Filled Bases

Water-filled base that provides extra weight and stability. Suitable for a more diverse range of environments, including moderate outdoor wind conditions.

Feather Flag heavy duty water filled base

Heavy Duty Water Filled Bases

A high-capacity, heavy-duty water-filled base that offers strong stability for large flags. An ideal choice for high-wind areas and long-term outdoor displays.

Teardrop Banner Bases Supplier in China

Wewindisplay is a leading supplier of Teardrop banner bases and stands in China. We supply and wholesale flag bases to many businesses and distributors worldwide at competitive wholesale prices. We offer a one-stop service for custom feather flags, bases, and poles with top-quality products.