Tension Fabric display

Tension Fabric Display

As a leading tension fabric display manufacturer and supplier in China, Wewindisplay offers high-quality tension fabric backdrops, fabric pop-up displays, and tension fabric banners at wholesale prices. Tension fabric displays are the perfect way to stand out at trade shows, media events, retail stores, or conferences.

We offer customization in various sizes, shapes, and different pattern options with both single and double-sided printing. The most common specifications include sizes like 10ft and 20ft, and backdrops in either straight or curved designs. Thanks to the portable tubular frames, these fabric banners are extremely easy to set up and transport. Simply zip up the banner to create a seamless graphic display.

At Wewin, we are certain to meet your production needs. You can request customized tension fabric displays. Please contact us immediately; we are very eager to offer our assistance and collaboration!

Tension Fabric Backdrop

Tension fabric backdrops are perfect for trade shows and media events, easily making your display stand out. These backdrops are portable, easy to assemble, and feature a seamless design with rich printing patterns, enhancing your brand visibility. They are ideal for photo booths and high-traffic event spaces. The fabric material supports double-sided printing, making it an excellent choice for trade show participation.

Fabric Backdrop
Tension Fabric Backdrops
trade show backdrops

Fabric Pop Up Display

We offer custom straight or curved fabric pop-up display frames, along with common sizes like 8ft and 10ft, and more custom size options. Tension fabric pop-up displays have always been a favorite at trade shows due to their portability and durability, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly. The pop-up display banners can be customized with different design prints. To stand out at trade shows, we recommend using double-sided printing, so your company’s business information is visible from all angles.

Fabric Pop up display
Pop Up displays
Pop up display

Tension Fabric Banner

Wewin offers customized tension fabric banner sizes, printing, and straight or curved backdrop frames to meet your display needs at trade shows, media events, or photo shoots. We have advanced tension fabric banner printing technology that brings your designs to life with vivid detail. You can choose between single or double-sided printing. The tension fabric banner stands are portable, easily assembled, and disassembled at events. The banner slides over the tubular frame, creating a seamless display graphic.

Tension Fabric Banner
Fabric Banner
Tension Fabric Banners

Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

Tension fabric trade show displays are highly portable and durable, ideal for trade show booths. We offer custom trade show display stands in various shapes, sizes, and styles to meet all your needs at events and exhibitions.

Trade show display
Tension Fabric Trade show displays

Custom Tension Fabric Displays

Wewin offers custom tension fabric displays in various sizes, shapes, and a one-stop custom design service for printing. This ensures a perfect advertising display for your trade shows or media events.

Tension Fabric Display Sizes

The most popular tension fabric display sizes are the 10ft and 20ft displays. We can customize additional sizes to meet your specific needs.

10ft Tension Fabric Display

10ft Tension Fabric Display

20ft Tension Fabric Display

20ft Tension Fabric Display

Tension Fabric Display Shapes

Tension fabric displays are available in both straight and curved frame shapes, customizable to perfectly showcase your business at various events.

8ft Curved Tension Fabric Display

8ft Curved Tension Fabric Display

10ft Straight Tension Fabric Display

10ft Straight Tension Fabric Display

10ft Curved Tension Fabric Display

10ft Curved Tension Fabric Display

Wholesale Tension Fabric Displays Manufacturers

Wewin is a professional wholesale tension fabric displays manufacturer in China. Our factory, established in 2002, has over 20 years of production experience. We always prioritize our customers' needs. We provide high-quality tension fabric display products to enhance your business and meet your clients' needs. Partnering with our tension fabric display manufacturer grants you immense support and manufacturing capabilities, making us your optimal choice.

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Why Choose Tension Fabric Display From Wewin?

Wewin is the best tension fabric display supplier and manufacturer, committed to providing you with the finest advertising display solutions! Our expertise lies in our innovative designs and strong ability to collaborate with your ideas – working together to bring your vision to life.

Rich Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in producing tension fabric displays. We have a deep understanding of exactly what you, our customers, are looking for.


Regardless of your specific needs, we will meet them. Our minimum order quantity is low, so please feel free to contact us.

Best Price

As a direct factory source, Wewin guarantees to provide you with the most competitive pricing for custom orders.

Customization Capability

We offer a one-stop service for wholesale customization of sizes, shapes, and styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about tension fabric display. If you don’t find the question you’re looking for below, feel free to contact us at any time for a satisfactory response.

While primarily designed for indoor use, certain types of Tension Fabric Displays can be used outdoors, especially those with waterproof and UV-resistant features.

Tension Fabric Displays are highly versatile and suitable for a variety of events and exhibitions, including business conferences, trade shows, product launches, and temporary promotional activities.

Tension Fabric Displays are generally more lightweight, easier to transport, and assemble. They offer a more modern, cleaner look, and allow for greater possibilities in custom designs.

Tension Fabric Displays come in various sizes and shapes, including upright, curved, circular, and custom designs to meet different display needs.

They are ideal for trade shows, commercial exhibits, conferences, promotional events, and retail spaces. Their lightweight and easy-to-carry nature make them a perfect choice for a variety of settings.

Installation is usually straightforward. Simply stretch the fabric graphic along the edges of the frame and secure it in place. Most Tension Fabric Displays are designed for easy assembly, requiring no special tools.

These displays are made of durable fabric and sturdy frames, capable of withstanding multiple uses. Proper maintenance can ensure long-term durability of the display.

By choosing eye-catching print designs, vibrant colors, and creative content that aligns with the exhibition and target audience, you can ensure your Tension Fabric Display stands out among the many booths.