Trade Show Tent

As a professional trade show tent wholesaler in China, Wewin deeply understands how custom tents can transform a booth. Trade show tents not only provide shelter from wind and rain but also showcase individuality.

Our custom-printed gazebos are a crucial part of booth design, significantly enhancing visibility and attracting visitors. The pop-up feature makes setup effortless, while the custom canopy becomes a vibrant backdrop, complementing display tents and banner stands. Whether for outdoor events or indoor exhibits, trade show tents are an indispensable tool, bringing your booth’s creative concepts to life and effectively showcasing your brand.

If you’re looking to custom and wholesale trade show tents, Wewin guarantees you the most competitive wholesale prices, as we are a direct factory source.

Custom Trade Show Tents

Custom trade show tents are an essential tool in your arsenal. Our custom tents not only provide a functional space but also visually captivatingly showcase your brand. Here’s how we tailor every aspect to meet your specific needs:

Sizes: 10x10, 10x20, and More Custom Sizes

Our trade show tents come in standard sizes, such as the popular 10×10 and the larger 10×20, to accommodate a variety of booth dimensions. These sizes are ideal for most event and trade show spaces, providing ample room for displays and visitor interaction.

For those who need a unique size, we offer fully customizable dimensions. Whether you need a compact tent for a small space or a large, expansive canopy for major events, we can tailor the size to fit your specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that your tent fits perfectly in the allocated space, enhancing the overall look and functionality of your exhibit.

10x10 trade show tent

10x10 Trade Show Tent

10x20 trade show tent

10x20 Trade Show Tent

Single or Double-Sided Printing

Visibility is key in the bustling environment of a trade show. We offer both single-sided and double-sided printing options. Single-sided printing is great for focused, frontal brand display, while double-sided printing maximizes exposure, ensuring your tent stands out from all angles.

Our high-quality printing process ensures that your designs are vibrant and eye-catching, drawing the attention of passersby and inviting them into your booth. This feature is particularly useful in crowded trade show settings, where standing out is crucial.

Single Sided Printing

Single-Sided Printing

Double Sided Printing

Double-Sided Printing

Custom Tents with Company Logo

The cornerstone of any custom trade show tent is the brand it represents. We specialize in high-resolution, custom logo printing to ensure your brand is displayed prominently and professionally.

Whether it involves bold colors, intricate designs, or specific branding guidelines, we ensure that your canopy accurately reflects your company’s image, contributing to enhanced brand presence and leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Trade show tents with Logo

Trade Show Tents With Logo

Custom Trade show tents with Logo

Custom Logo

Outdoor Trade Show Tents

Our outdoor trade show tents are meticulously crafted to perform excellently in various environments. Whether it’s a bustling indoor exhibition hall or unpredictable outdoor events, having a versatile and sturdy tent is crucial.

Outdoor Trade show tents

Outdoor Events

Our tents are expertly designed to withstand various conditions at outdoor events. From sunny weather to unexpected rain, these tents provide reliable shelter, ensuring your exhibition continues uninterrupted. The materials used are weather-resistant, safeguarding against UV rays and rain, making them ideal for outdoor trade shows, fairs, and markets.

Indoor Tents

Indoor Exhibition

While primarily designed for outdoor use, these tents are equally effective indoors. Their stylish and professional design complements any exhibition hall setting, creating an inviting space for attendees. Even in high-traffic indoor exhibitions, the sturdy structure ensures stability, making your booth both safe and attractive.

Trade Show Booth Ideas

In trade shows, the tent is just the beginning. To maximize the potential of your booth, our trade show tents can be perfectly paired with feather flags, tension banners, and portable counters.

Feather flags add dynamism and visual height to your booth, while tension banners provide additional advertising space to attract more attention. Meanwhile, custom promotional counters not only add practical space for displaying products but also further enhance your brand image. These complementary elements create a cohesive and eye-catching display space, ensuring your booth stands out at any trade show.

Trade show tents
Outdoor Trade show tent

Trade Show Tent Manufacturers in China

Wewin is a leading trade show tent manufacturer in China. Our factory has over 20 years of rich production experience. Our trade show tents are made from high-quality materials and printing techniques, portable and durable, enhancing your commercial advertising display. We offer a one-stop custom design service with various sizes, styles, printing options, and custom logo designs. Contact us now for a free quote.

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As the original manufacturer, we provide our clients with the most favorable customized tent wholesale prices.


Maintaining high-quality products while offering competitive pricing is also our mission.

Custom Services

We offer a one-stop service encompassing design, customization, production, and wholesale.

Rich Experience

Wewin has over 20 years of experience in producing trade show tents, ensuring the capability to meet clients' custom requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about trade show tents. If you don’t find the question you’re looking for below, feel free to contact us at any time for a satisfactory response.

We offer tents in various sizes, including common dimensions like 10×10 ft and 10×20 ft. We can also customize special sizes based on customer requirements.

We use high-resolution full-color digital printing technology to ensure patterns and text are clear and vibrant.

Our tents are typically made from high-quality polyester fabric, featuring waterproof, UV-resistant, and flame-retardant properties.

Thanks to our easy pop-up mechanism design, two people can set up and dismantle the tents in just a few minutes.

Customization options include size, color, print design, tent sidewalls, feather flags, and promotional counters.

Our tents are suitable for various outdoor and indoor events, such as trade shows, markets, sporting events, and promotional activities.